Is A Gaming Chair Right For You? Benefits of Using A Gaming Chair For Work or Play.

A gaming chair is designed specifically for long hours of comfort when sitting down. This is made possible through the many features built into the gaming chair that support your back and arms. Initially built for gamers to compete in esports competitions, gaming chairs can also serve as a great companion for long hours of desk work or casual gaming at home. If you’re interested to learn how gaming chairs can support you, keep reading this article.

Improved posture

Most normal office chairs cause poor sitting postures due to the lack of adjustability. Office chairs can be comfortable for the first few hours after you sit down because they are familiar to most people. Over time, however, users will find sitting up to be increasingly straining and they need to shift their body constantly to keep themselves comfortable. This causes people to slouch when sitting down because of the limited body movement.

Gaming chairs are built to support a proper sitting position. Unlike most chairs, the backrests are much taller to support your whole back. Most gaming chairs also come with neck and lumbar pillows to support the spine’s natural curves. These features make it easier for you to sit up straight. When you’re able to sit up straight, you become more presentable to people around you.


As we’ve previously mentioned, it becomes gradually uncomfortable to sit on an office chair because it has limited adjustability. Most office chairs only allow for chair height adjustment but not for backrests, armrests or lumbar support.

Adjustability is one of the key features of every gaming chair as it relaxes the body for long hours. The chair’s reclining backrest helps the muscles to move in order to improve blood circulation and reduce fatigue. Gaming chairs also have adjustable lumbar pillows and armrests that reduce pressure to the spine from supporting the body by itself. Armrests also place your hands close to the mouse and keyboard for comfortable, no-fuss gaming.

Value for your Money

Standard office chairs can cost between $60 (RM 249) to $180 (RM 747) while gaming chairs range between $120 (RM 498) to $550 (RM 2282). The cheaper price of office chairs are the reason why companies prefer choosing office chairs over gaming chairs.

While gaming chairs are relatively more expensive than office chairs, they provide more value for the user in terms of comfort and support. They help to increase productivity and focus of employees during long working hours which can make all the difference in your company’s overall performance. Even cheap gaming chairs can keep your employees comfortable while working for up to 8 hours. For this reason, gaming chairs can be a great investment for your employee’s workspace.

Be physically and mentally healthy

Humans are not designed to sit for long periods of time. In fact, sitting for an extended period of time can cause people to develop health issues such as migraines, neck and shoulder pains, carpal tunnel syndrome and constipation. Posture is also linked to a person’s mood as studies found that sitting upright makes people more energetic while slouching leads to increased depression.

Gaming chairs have adjustable parts that provide the user more freedom to move about and reduce pressure on the body from constantly maintaining a sitting position. For our TTRacing chairs, they include reclining backrests, tilt mechanisms, and adjustable armrests. Each model has a different set of features which can suit different comfort preferences. The table below explains the features and specifications each TTRacing model has. Gaming chairs also support an upright posture which can improve your mood as a whole.


Supports eye-level computing

Eye-level computing helps you to focus on what is happening on your computer screen when working or gaming. This encourages increased performance and productivity on the user’s end. For gaming chairs, this is made possible through the chair's hydraulics that allow the user to adjust the chair height. Through a simple lever, you can lower or raise the chair so that you don’t need to tilt your head to see the screen clearly. This eases pressure on your neck and reduces the risk of migraines.

Certainly, most office chairs allow for height adjustment but they don’t provide the same degree of comfort and support that gaming chairs offer.


For those who work or play for long hours, it might be a good idea to invest in a high-quality gaming chair that is designed to make you feel comfortable and focused when sitting down. Not only that, it also improves your health and performance and makes you a more positive person overall. But don’t just take our word for it. Go to our online store at to get one of our gaming chairs and test the difference for yourself right now.