20 Work-From-Home Essentials For a Complete Home Office

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home was a rare phenomenon as it is often associated with laziness or avoiding social interactions. However, with the need to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, working from home has become a necessity for most office workers.

Working from home can be a comfortable and productive routine for you if you have the right setup. These can include ergonomic furniture, working equipment, fast wireless Internet and other extras that can boost your performance for long hours. To all you telecommuters out there, we present to you 20 work-from-home essentials for a complete home office.

  • Desktop or Laptop Computer

  • Computers, both desktop and laptops, have become an integral part in most, if not all, jobs, whether it is keeping records, writing reports, creating graphics or communicating with your boss or employees. When choosing a computer, a large enough storage memory for storing documents, advanced processor and more RAM (random access memory) for faster performance should be what you’re looking for in your computer. You can check the computer specifications to find out all these details.

  • Monitor

  • If your laptop screen is too small or unclear, you can invest in a monitor to enlarge your screen and help you to see your work. Generally, you’ll want a monitor with clear screen resolution and a bigger refresh rate that can produce a sharp and clear image.

  • Ergonomic Keyboard
  • If you’re constantly typing on your desktop computer, you may be putting more strain on your wrists and arms that can result in injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomic keyboards have special features that can ease the strain on the wrists when typing including a curved or wavy button layout or a V-shaped split between the keys.

  • Mouse
  • Laptops have touchpads that allow you to move your cursor around. However, as long as you’re not always on the move, you’ll be able to work faster and more comfortably if you’re using a mouse. Just like keyboards, computer mice also have ergonomic options that alleviate stress from your wrists and reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Mouse Pad
  • If your desk surface makes controlling the cursor difficult, it might be a good idea to get a mouse pad which has a smooth surface that makes using the mouse easier. The best part is, you don’t need to pay money to get a proper mouse pad. You can find something to use as a mouse pad in your own home such as a book or a piece of paper.

  • Wi-Fi Modem & Router
  • In most jobs, the Internet has become a necessary platform for connecting workers or businesses. With that in mind, it is important to choose a Wi-Fi modem and router with fast Internet speeds so that you can work online. ISPs in Malaysia like UniFi and Maxis have Internet packages that come with a free modem and router to connect you to the Internet.

  • Printers and Scanners

  • For jobs that require physical documentation, a printer and scanner is definitely important for printing or copying documents. To save workplace space, you can get an all-in-one printer which combines the functions of a printer, scanner, photocopier and fax machine inside a single device.

  • Desk

  • Every home office needs a desk in order to help you work comfortably. Without a proper desk, your workplace becomes a mess and you’ll have to put up with an uncomfortable work environment. There are many types of desks which serve different kinds of functions such as machine desks which hold office equipment and typist desks which have adjustable heights and drawers.

  • Gaming chairs

  • Gaming chairs have ergonomic features that make it more comfortable than most chairs. These include reclining backrests, tilting seat base, lumbar and neck pillows and hydraulics for adjusting the chair height. These features help to relax the spine and muscles by giving them more space to move, especially when you’re sitting down for long periods.

    We at TTRacing aim to create high-quality gaming chairs that prioritize comfort for our users from our premium-quality materials to durable hydraulics and parts to ensure that the chair can move as smoothly as possible. So, if you’re looking to buy a gaming chair for your home office, visit our online store at ttracing.my.

  • Desk lamp

  • Desk lamps can be a great tool for those who have to work extra late. Always make sure to go for soft lights that are bright enough for you to work and at the same time create a pleasant atmosphere for yourself so you can work stress-free. Don’t go for lights which are too dim which can strain your eyes and increase the risk of blurred vision.

  • Plants or Flowers

  • They may not look like much, but plants or flowers can actually go a long way to creating a comfortable and positive home workspace. Plants can provide fresh air and increase your productivity by up to 15%. However, you can’t just choose any plant. The plants you pick must depend on your home office conditions. It’s best to pick plants or flowers that require little care and grow in low-light conditions such as cast-iron plants and pothos plants.

  • Noise-cancelling earphones

  • Noise-cancelling earphones are perfect for those who communicate with colleagues or clients frequently and don’t want to be interrupted by all kinds of background noises like your family members talking or a badly-timed construction work in your neighbourhood. Even if your job doesn’t involve a lot of meetings and communication, earphones can also play clear and crisp music for a relaxing work experience.

  • Speakers

  • If you’re alone in your own home and prefer surrounding your work environment with your favourite music, you can invest in some wireless Bluetooth speakers that can get you in the working mood. After all, studies have shown that playing your preferred music can increase productivity as long as it's music you’re not too familiar with as it can distract you from your work.

  • Exercise Mats

  • Sitting down for long hours can be very exhausting as humans are made to move their body. When you’re not too busy with work, you can take this opportunity to exercise or do some yoga so you can stay active and not become obese from too much inactivity. Exercise mats are made from thick, non-slip material with enough cushioning so you can be comfortable exercising at your own pace.

  • Water bottle

  • Everyone needs to stay hydrated even in the middle of a busy schedule as it is important in maintaining bodily functions. If you’re not getting enough water, you could suffer from adverse side effects like headaches and tiredness. This is why you should keep a water bottle in your home office to avoid making frequent trips to the kitchen. Get a large enough bottle (1 or 2 litres is enough) and fill it with water before starting your work day so you can quench your thirst when needed.

  • File Cabinet

  • File cabinets may not be everyone but they are essential for those whose jobs involve physical documents for archival and reference purposes. With a file cabinet, you will be able to store and organize all of your documents in one place. It also reduces workplace cluttering which can otherwise eat up a lot of your time when you’re trying to find the right document.

  • Pen and Notepad

  • Having a pen and notepad can be handy for when you need to take down notes or details quickly for easy reference such as a client's name and phone number.

  • Fragrance Diffuser

  • Fragrance diffusers release pleasant aromas into a given area, making your home office smell fresh as well as improving your mental wellbeing. Each aroma has different effects such as improving concentration, inducing feelings of calmness and making people more energetic so do your research in finding out which aroma is right for you.

  • Phone charger

  • If your job requires a lot of calls or if your phone’s battery drains too fast, it may be worth bringing along your phone charger. Phone chargers can keep your phone alive so that you can continue communicating with your colleagues and clients. The last thing you want is making people think you’re unprofessional because you couldn’t keep your battery charged for taking calls.

  • Coffee pot and mug
  • No one can deny that a cup of coffee can keep you energized for those long working hours. A coffee pot and mug can be a great addition to your workspace if you’re tired after hours of working and you need a caffeine boost to keep working.

    With these essentials becoming part of your home office, you'll be ready to take on whatever challenges that you come face-to-face in your work life. Over time, you'll enjoy working within the comfort of your own home.