Introducing the all-new TTRacing Duo V4 Series Long awaited

Brand-new, cutting-edge entry-level gaming chair designed to provide an incredible seating experience. Engineered to perfection with numerous improvements over its predecessor, it fulfills the most stringent requirements for an ergonomic lifestyle. A wider backrest and seat base, combined with a waterfall curved edge, assure proper sitting posture and prevent agonizing tensions. Designed with 70% elastic cloth to improve cooling and dissipate heat more quickly. It is available in PU leather for a smooth and luxurious feel, as well as Air Threads Fabric for a gentle and breathable experience.
Featuring key upgrades of Height-Adjustable Headrest and XL Lumbar Pillow (Duo V4 Pro Edition only), Improved Armrests with Enhanced Durability, All-new SeatFit™ Seat Base, All-new Heavy Duty Elevated Nylon Wheelbase, Improved Stability Hydraulic Piston.
Height-Adjustable Headrest (Duo V4 Pro Edition only)
Capable of nine lockable height adjustment levels totaling 10 cm. Made of soft, cold-cured foam for optimal neck and cervical spine support

SeatFit™ Enhanced Ergonomic Seat
Built bigger and wider with an open-ended structure, curved edges on both sides and a waterfall front design. Preventing unwanted motion while allowing flexibility and ease of movement, ensuring blood circulation is always at its optimal level

Improved Armrests with Enhanced Durability
Built with an extra layer of support and tougher than ever, creating a relaxing space for the arms and elbows in any preferred posture. Spaced widely apart with a curve along the front, allowing for a cross-legged position.