Armor Up With The Invincible TTRacing Maxx Iron Man Edition

Suit up and take to the skies as the Armored Avenger with the all-new TTRacing Maxx Iron Man Edition. This chair combines the extravagant comfort of the TTRacing Maxx with the brilliantly embroidered Iron Man armor design with an included signature from Iron Man himself.


While its new design will make you feel like Iron Man himself when sitting down, the chair offers long hours of luxurious comfort which is bound to make you feel like you’re king of the world. Just like the Maxx, the chair is dressed in a combination of faux leather and velour material that is both smooth and soft to the touch. The chair even features Iron Man’s Arc-Reactor and signature which pays tribute to Iron Man himself.


The chair’s main recliner can be angled by up to 155 degrees which makes it the perfect chair to relax after a very long day. It also has 4D-adjustable armrests which allows you to put your arms in a powerful position during any kind of activity by adjusting them up, down, left, right or angled clockwise or anticlockwise. The chair also has soft memory foam lumbar or neck pillows for when you need the extra boost to continue saving the world.


Engineered to perfection, the chair’s hydraulics and wheelbase are as tough as the Armored Avenger himself, able to carry up to 10 times the chair weight itself while also ensuring smooth movement and height adjustment, making the Maxx Iron Man Edition a reliable companion for working or playing.


Become invincible when you sit on the all-new Maxx Iron Man Edition today. You can order it at TTRacing’s official website or our affiliate stores at Lazada and Shopee.