Become The Ultimate Sorcerer Supreme with the TTRacing Maxx Doctor Strange Edition

When dark forces of the mystic realm threaten to destroy the earth, conjure the power of magic at your side onboard the all-new TTRacing Maxx Doctor Strange Edition. This chair is an exciting new feature in TTRacing’s ongoing collaboration with Marvel Comics.


This gaming chair combines the luxurious comfort of the high-end Maxx model with the new mystifying design based on the Sorcerer Supreme himself. The front part of the chair is based on Doctor Strange’s robes and features the mystical Eye Of Agamotto while the back part features his Cloak of Levitation which Doctor Strange uses to fly. It’s a design befitting of sorcerers of any level while paying tribute to the Master of the Mystic Arts.


The gaming chair is dressed in a luxurious combination of faux leather and velour fabric that gives the user long hours of extravagant comfort perfect for those who never settle for less. It is also enhanced with memory foam lumbar and neck pillows which supports your body’s natural curves and keeps you seated comfortably for the longest battles.

The Maxx Doctor Strange is equipped with adjustable ergonomic features to channel more mystic power for any kind of activity, including the 155-degree main recliner and multi-tilt mechanism that allows you to relax your back after a long and busy day as well as the 4D-adjustable armrests that can put your arms in a comfortable position to conjure the most powerful spells.

Supporting your duties as a world-saving sorcerer are the chair’s Class 4 SGS-certified hydraulics and wheelbase which are made from durable industry-grade materials. These features allow the chair to take on up to 10 times the chair weight while also being capable of smooth rotatable movement and height-adjustment.

Experience a new form of comfort beyond all understanding with the TTRacing Maxx Doctor Strange Edition. Get it today at TTRacing’s official website or at our affiliate stores at Lazada and Shopee.