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Good quality gaming chair.

I love the quality and comfort of the chair. Just unhappy because i did not recieve the freebies stated on the promotion when I purchased the Chair. It says freebies worth over 10000 pesos. I did not get them on the package received. 😭

Installation is easy as tool is given ...

Great chair

Had the chair as I am getting extra wfh! Went down to the outlet to have a feel and immediately decided to get it without hesitation! The sales did a great job advising me!

Easy to install.

Not bad. Been use for about 2 weeks. The only thing is the leather smell will stay in your room for about at least 1 week+. Other than that, everything was great. Very comfortable. Love it.

TTRacing Titus Smart Desk
Overall experience

Assembly instructions was neither easy or hard to read. Would be better if it’s a drawing instead of pictures. Overall, table looks sturdy.

TTRacing Swift X 2020 Gaming Chair
Mohd Ashriq Mohd Basri
Swift X

The best seat ever…can recline..fall in love

TTRacing Duo V4 Air Threads Fabric Gaming Chair - Grogu Edition

Superb Gaming Chair

What an amazing chair, really love it from all aspect. Design, comfort and durability absolutely high class quality. I feel like i don't want to leave the chair every minute. Really really good investment for future to me. Thank so much for this amazing chair

TTRacing Titus Smart Desk
Mohamed Roselan Mohamed Yusof

TTRacing Titus Smart Desk



Titan Table

I love the table, it suits me well, I have introduced to a few of my friends who are considering buying it. Good Job 👍 TT team!

TTRacing XL Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow with Cooltec Gel

Comfortable and well designed. Thinking of buying another.


Worth the price, its very comfy, slick design, easy to install, very comfortable

Value for money and high quality

During my recent visit to the IT show, I had the opportunity to try out the highly acclaimed SL chair, known for its exceptional quality and comfort. Like many, I was prepared to invest significantly, believing that higher price points often equate to superior quality. However, to my astonishment, I discovered that TT offers chairs of comparable quality, effectively challenging my preconceptions.

This experience led me to question: Why should we spend double the price for a product that can be matched in quality by a more affordable alternative? It serves as a crucial reminder that value does not always correlate with cost and that informed decisions require us to look beyond brand recognition to the actual product offering.

This incident underscores the importance of thorough research and hands-on testing before making substantial investments in products, especially when alternatives may offer similar quality at a fraction of the cost. It’s a lesson in seeking out true value, rather than being swayed by perceived prestige.

160cm Gaming Desk

Product was Sustainable and Durable.

TTRacing Swift X 2020 Gaming Chair - Black Panther Edition

TTRacing Swift X Pro Air Threads Fabric Gaming Chair

Friendly and easy installation. Satisfied with your product. Comfortable and relaxing to sit. Second purchase from you. The price is affordable and worth it. Very good and trustable company. Overall I like it and would recommend to anyone who is looking for. Thank you.

Very good quality desks.

Bought two desks- 140cm and 160cm for my new home office setup. Products quality is superb. Response to queries is fast.

Self Installation takes quite a bit of effort and time.

All is good. Nice white powder coated desk surface! Comes with cup holder and headphone holder by default as well.

Awesome chair! No regrets so far! ☺️

Love the TT Airflex Ergochair! It’s really comfy to sit on and the back support is good for me. Particularly like the arm rest which can be flipped up, I can easily sit cross-legged without being hindered by it.

Very good

Very comfortable

TTRacing Titus Smart Desk

I purchase online, and the delivery service is fast. Although its large size, the product has been properly packaged and protected. The customer support is excellent and very helpful via WhatsApp and Instagram. The instruction manuals for self-assembling the desk are easy to understand.






Cute and comfortable. Easy to assemble solo

Good chair